Doris Spalding

Hi, my name is Doris Spalding. I have had MS for 33 years. I have taken all of the MS drugs, beginning with Betaseron when it first was available 15 years ago. I am now doing Tysabri, and am very encouraged. I have been on Tysabri for 1 ½ years. I have no new lesions. I am stabilized- thank God and Tysabri. I get an infusion every 4 weeks. I actually look forward to my infusion day. Dr. Tanvir and Dr. Calmes are wonderful. I would encourage anyone considering Tysabri to try it. I have experienced very few side effects.


I have been coming to the infusion center for a year now and have been very satisfied. The doctors and staff are very professional and equally friendly. The patients all seen to automatically bridge together in conversation and laughter and find we have more than just MS to share. The all offices, hospitals, centers I have walk into for appointments the last 32 years I honestly look forward to my appointment at the infusion center and be greeted with a smile.

Beth McFadden

I have been a regular patient at the infusion center for over a year & everytime I walk through the door I am greeted with friendly faces and a warm welcome. The doctors and staff are always accomodating and receptive to patient's needs from caring appointment reminders to constant check-ups throughout the appointment. I have also met a variety of people, as we all come & go with overlapping visits, all at different places in lives and MS storied to share. A part of me looks forward to my infusions because here, I don't feel alone with my MS. Since we can all relate to one another on some level.

Kurt Taber

I have been a part of The Infusion Center from the beginning. The opportunity of having it next to my doctor’s office has been great. I feel like it is a part of my family. Moments sharing, laughs, stories told. You can look forward to coming to your appointment. Time passes when you enjoy it. You’re not a number, but a person!!!

Brenda Christie

The Tysabri infusion has given me back the dreams and hopes for my future that the MS tried to take away. Before starting the Tysabri, I had tried Avonex and Copaxone with no results and some adverse reactions. So, I thought I would ride it out and treat the symptoms as they happened. About 15 months ago I had my annual MRI. The results were not good. The MS was in full blown active state and I had a lot of new lesions on my brain. My Doctor at UCSF suggested the Tysabri and explained the risks. He told me at this point he really felt like it was the next step. My Husband and I decided that I should at least give it a try. I felt like if I didn’t I would always wonder, “What if?” After 12 infusions my MRI showed NO NEW LESIONS! I am so happy that I went for it. The Infusion Center is so nice. Everyone genuinely cares about you and makes me feel special! I actually look forward to my monthly infusions.

Pat Hayner

I enjoy coming to The Infusion Center. It is “my happy place” to be. Saundra always greets me with a big smile and levity in her voice. Dr. Tanvir has the gentlest touch when starting the I.V. I have met friendly and fascinating people who share the infusion room with me. We have shared life stories and M.S. stories about ourselves. Some stories make us laugh. Some educate us about ways of coping with the disease. Some broaden our outlook on life. I always leave with a large dose of positiveness and gratitude and look forward to my next appointment.

Millard Rutherford

Since I must have infusions periodically, I am pleased to be treated at The Fresno Infusion Center. Being here is not like a visit to a hospital and it doesn’t feel like I am in a sick room. It’s more like sitting at home in a comfortable reclining chair. Satellite TV is available, or I can read, take a nap, visit with another patient or write checks to pay monthly bills. It is a very professional environment, and the staff is very personable and attentive to my needs while my infusion is taking place.

Kristi Johnson

The Infusion Center makes the infusion experience easy, comfortable and relaxing. From the top notch staff to the comfy recliners with full “lounge” amenities, they make my monthly visits a lot less scary (and this from a needle phobe). I so appreciate the care I receive at the Infusion Center it is such a wonderful resource to have available in our community.

Juliann Bryant

I have been taking Tysabri infusions for over a year. Tysabri has changed my life to where I am walking, and I even went skiing. I have not had any episodes since I began treatment. I feel like I have my life back.

Richard Duerksen

I have been a patient at The Infusion Center from the beginning. I have had treatment at another infusion center but this has been a great fit for me. The Dr and Staff are great and make the time here pleasant. The facility is comfortable, cool, and clean. I strongly recommend The Infusion Center.

Tracy Verduzco

I look forward to my visits to The Infusion Center each month. I enjoy the people who work here and can’t imagine if anyone were to leave. Tysabri is just an added bonus.

Elaine McFarland

The Infusion Center provides a clean and comfortable environment for on-site care. My treatments are long, usually lasting 5-6 hours, yet their friendly staff, comfortable chairs, and satellite TV always help to make my visit a pleasurable experience.

Paul Moyer

The Infusion Center is very professional. The staff is efficient, personable, and reasonable. I’ve been coming here for more than six months now, and never had any negative experiences. You’ll be happy coming here!

Dan McCloskey

I hereby recommend Dr. Tanvir and the staff at The Infusion Center. I had extensive nerve damage in both legs and feet. It was impossible to walk without pain. The staff at the center made me feel welcomed, relaxed and confident about my recovery. Dr. Tanvir helped with securing insurance coverage. His staff is professional and courteous. After my first treatment there was marked improvement. I just finished my second treatment and the care was still beyond mere service. Dr. Tanvir and his staff are the best.

Scott Weatherman

Everyone at the infusion center that i have came in contact with has shown the very most professional and compassionate care in my treatment. It was a true blessing to that Dr. Tanvir, Saundra, Melissa, and the externs have true compassion for their patients.